When Diamonds Are Not a Girl's Best Friend: Ulta Introduces New Diamond Rewards Program

I have been Platinum member ever since the program was introduce at Ulta. For me, this as been ideal since points convert into dollars at Ulta and the membership perks at Sephora are nonexistent.

So when I heard Ulta was adding a new level to their already awesome rewards program I was excited. The excitement quickly faded after I learn more about what it means to become a Diamond Rewards member.

Here's a chart of the benefits of each level of membership. To become a Diamond member you spend must spend $1,200 in a calendar year. After that, you'll receive a $25 beauty services and free shipping on orders of $25 or more. Is it just me, or does this seem pretty crappy.

Sephora offers free shipping with no minimum purchase for their highest tier VIB Rouge members. To qualify for Rouge you must spend $1,000 in a calendar year.

For non VIB Rouge member, Sephora offers a Flash shipping subscription. The service cost 10 bucks and you get unlimited two day shipping for a year, no minimum.

I don't use any of the beauty services offered at Ulta, so I would get no use from a $25 beauty service card. I also don't see a huge difference in the points per dollr earned compared to Plantinum.

I was expecting this to rival Sephora's VIB Rouge, but sadly I think Ulta missed the mark with their new Diamond level. If your asking your customers to spend $1,200 a year, the perks better be OUTSTANDING. I feel Ulta needs to go back to the drawing board and revamp this new tier, cause it really seems pointless.

So for this beauty junkie, I think I'll stick to being a Platinum member at Ulta and a VIB at Sephora and pay for Flash shipping.

What are your thought's on Ulta's new Diamond Rewards? Share down below.

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