First Fail of 2017: Burt's Bees Flavor Crystal Lip Balms

New Burt's Bees Flavor Crystals Lip Balm, $3.29 at Walgreens

At first glance, Burt's Bees Flavor Crystal's lip balm should have been a winner. I mean what's not to like about an affordable lip balm offering the promise of hydration and a kick of flavor? As soon as I saw this lip balm in my local Walgreens, I thought to myself "oh this should be good", and quickly grabbed one in the Tropical Pineapple flavor. Sadly, I was completely wrong.

According to the Burt's Bees Website:

Burt’s Bees Flavor Crystals lip balm has all the naturally moisturizing power of lip balm plus a burst of fruity goodness. Beeswax and Vitamin E condition skin for soft, smooth lips while crystals made of 100% real fruit juice pack a sweet punch.

This lip balm was a complete miss for me for several reasons. If you have a product and put the words Flavor Crystals in the name, then I expect some actual flavor. My hopes of having the taste of a juicy tropical pineapple were quickly dashed upon applying the balm on my lips. Lip Smackers lip balm pack more flavor/taste to the lips than this particular Burt Bee's Balm.

While we are talking about those "flavor crystals", it's important to note that they add a strange consistency to the balm. The balm doesn't glide across the lips. It kind of feels like a lip scrub that doesn't have enough sugar crystals to be effective.

As far as moisture and hydration, I found you have to really pack this balm on to feel any sense of hydration.

There are so many gems at the drugstore, sadly this product isn't one of them.

Burt's Bee Flavor Crystals Lip Balm can be purchased at and Burt's Bee's website.

This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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