Obsession of the Week: Philosophy Purity Made Simple

I love this stuff so much I had to get the jumbo size

The following is a true story of a girl selected to be in an informercial then her skin started freaking out. The girl tried everything in her stash, nothing worked. Then she went through her mom's stash and discovered Philosophy's Purity Made Simple. The rest is clear skin history.

I'm the girl in the story told above. I'll never forget getting the news that I had been selected to take part in a national informericial and my skin decided to have a major freak out. I wanted my skin to look it's best and tried everything to get my skin under control.

Philosophy's Purity Made Simple made a huge difference in skin almost immediately. The creamy gel formula brought balance to my combo-oily skin. I love that I can use this to take off my makeup and also as a cleanser. On my lazy days, I can apply this all over my face and take a tissue to remover it from my skin.

No makeup, just my clean bare skin

Two years later, this cleanser remains a staple in my skin care routine. I do mix other cleansers that have glycolic acid and exfloiate, but I would consider Purity Made Simple a core item in my skin care routine. I find this cleanser keeps things in balance, so I'm not stripping my skin.

Do you have a favorite cleanser? Share down below!!