Could Dove Dry Spray handle Hubby & I's crazy week?

Dove Dry Spray for Men & Women, $5.49 Target

It's been a crazy week for Hubby and I. We've both been working hard to finish the new blog and meet my deadline, our daughter has been sick and missed a few days of school, I'm behind on editing my Ardencey Inn eyeliner review...etc.

With all that's going on, it wouldn't seem like the ideal time to switch deodarant, but I had already committed this week to testing out the new Dove Dry Spray. Of course when I decide that this would be the week to give up my ole' faithful Secret Outlast clear gel life was a bit calmer.

For this review, I thought I'd give you the He Said/She Said verison.

My thoughts on Dove Dry Spray in Cool Essentials: I'm really surprised how much I like this deodorant. I enjoyed the cool essentials scent and I liked the fact that the product dries quickly (cause who wants wet arpits). The Dry Spray held up to my daily demands.

Hubby's thoughts on Dove Men Care Dry Spray: It feels refreshing going on. It still smelled good at the end of 36 hours (eeewww! I didn't shower for two days!). My only gripes would be that I do not know how long a can might last compared to by stick deodorant and it kind of fogged the room when applying (making me cough a little). Final verdict... I like it and recommend at least giving it a try.

These products were sent to me for testing purposes by Influester. The thoughts and reviews expressed completely honest.